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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

An Evening at the Fairmont -- The Decor

Check out all these great decor pieces from the Fairmont party!

First, lighting really makes a big statement. The Fairmont followed their green initiative and used LED uplights:Drapes lined the hallway into the Colonnade room. Check out the hanging bling on the left:
These drapes separated the center of the room to create a dessert lounge on the platform: The dessert lounge had great cocktail furniture:
Other areas of the room featured these fun sofas:The bar was a shallow lucite box that held champagne bottles and glass 'bubbles':
This table had a lucite top and several compartments filled with Valentine's Day candies. I especially love the stemless wine glasses:
Capital Decor, Janet Flowers, and Party Rental, Ltd. helped create the decor at the event. What do you think? Are you incorporating any fun decor into your wedding?



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