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Monday, March 17, 2008

Venue Spotlight: Woodend Sanctuary

Woodend Sanctuary is one of the area's most popular wedding venues. Situated on the campus of the Audubon Naturalist Society, the grand manor home was built in the 1920s by John Russell Pope (same guy who designed the Jefferson Memorial). Donated to the society in the '60s, the beautiful venue is available for weddings! We are very excited to be working on Monica & Ben's wedding here in April. Here are some photos from our walkthrough last week:The Great Hall, as facing towards the conference room:The great hall, facing towards the front door:The staircase in the great hall:The conference room. Here it was set up for a conference. It's a great size to be used for the bar, cocktail hour, a gift room, dessert room, dancing, or just about anything else:The beautiful Terrace where there is usually a tent set for dinner:The Portico. This often serves as the starting point for ceremonies:The Portico looks out over this grove of trees, perfect for an outdoor ceremony:The dining room. This is another versatile room:The back section of the Office. This area is perfect for bridal parties to hang out before the ceremony:
Unfortunately we visited on a day when the weather was bad and the sun wasn't out. Monica & Ben are getting married here early next month...I can't wait to show you their photos so you can see what Woodend really looks like!

What do you think?



  • I'm getting marrired at woodend too- can you really use ALL the rooms? I was not told I could use anything but the 2 inside rooms. I love love love woodend.

    By Blogger kelly, at 17/3/08 7:42 PM  

  • Hi Kelly!

    I was under the impression that you can use the entire first floor but you should definitely check with Rebecca before planning to use them. Hope that helps & good luck with the rest of your planning!


    By Blogger SoireeLaura, at 18/3/08 9:58 AM  

  • hi laura - so exciting to see these - i hope our photos do the place justice ;-)

    to kelly - i think you can use the ballroom, the living room, and the office area, but that the dining area is typically being used as a catering kitchen. you should get the upstairs bride's room, too!

    By Blogger Monica, at 21/3/08 1:05 AM  

  • After looking at these pictures, this is definitely going on my list of venues to check out! But I was wondering how to go about pricing this venue?

    By Anonymous Optimistic, at 3/10/10 5:41 PM  

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