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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Capital Decor and Events

Last week we checked out Capital Decor and Events! This company's based in Beltsville, MD and has a wonderful office where they build floral decor, props, tables, or anything else you could want for an event. Meredith gladly showed me around their space and introduced me to their supber-fab staff.

To give you a quick idea of what they do, here are photos from their website:Without further ado, a photo tour...

Here is their consultation room, where they woo potential clients with pretty photos of events and talk business:A glimpse at their back warehouse. Here are a ton of floral vases:This entire wall is just crates upon crates of votive candle holders:These adorable bead-encrusted votive holders would be perfect for a glam wedding:This 8' tall structure holds escort cards! What a creative way to display your cards instead of the standard rectangular table. They can customize it with any color ribbon:These martini glasses reminded me of the ones at the Windows party:Colorful bistro-style garden chairs:Their woodshop is expansive and allows them to create custom pieces:I had so much fun with Meredith at their shop and am looking forward to working with them! Give them a call to set an appointment and take a'll really be amazed at the decor they can pull together for your wedding or special event.

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