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Monday, March 31, 2008

An Evening at the Fairmont -- The Flowers

Revisiting the Fairmont post from a couple weeks ago, here are some beautiful photos of the floral decor at the event! Kudos to Janet Flowers Wedding and Event Designs for their amazing work.

Carnations are back in style! Here's some white ones clustered to create a pseudo lamp shade with a crystal curtain:
More hanging crystals to create a 'bling tree':
This one was huge! The framework underneath is a permanent wire piece that can be recycled for future events:
I love how this vase is wrapped to match the pink theme:
Black candles make an impressive statement:
This centerpiece was stunning. Branches were held by a tall vase. Then, rose petals were strung onto wire in clusters. The wires were suspended from the branches. It was beautiful!
Another huge arrangement. This one was more 'springtime' and was held by a beautiful silver pedestal:
More bling! This crystal curtain wrapped around the lampshade. The pole and base underneath are covered in white carnations. This would be awesome at a platinum wedding:
What do you think? Which one's your favorite?



  • I love the centerpiece with the branches and rose petals. Typically you see orchids suspended from branches so it's nice to see another variation of this idea.

    By Blogger Affairs With Elegance, at 31/3/08 1:41 PM  

  • This is weird because I just saw something on the "Real Simple" site about using carnations. I always liked them and think they are pretty, and we are looking to save money.

    BTW...I'm getting married in December, and so people are constantly sending me stuff, but this one is really good.

    It's the most adorable and funny's all about how the father of the bride feels when his little girl gets engaged to a man who is not good enough for her (because no man is good enough for her! LOL!)

    The guy who made it is that guy who wrote the book and the John Ritter TV show "8 Simple Rules for Dating My Teenage Daughter." I bought that book for my dad for father's day years ago.

    I guess he has a book coming out called "8 Simple
    Rules for Marrying My Daughter."

    Probably I'll have to get that one for my dad too, now that I'm engaged. Maybe it will make him less crabby about writing all those checks...Sorry Dad!

    Dad's just can't handle giving away their little girl's I guess...

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 31/3/08 6:58 PM  

  • Love the branches with the flowers hanging from it!

    By Blogger Vicki, at 8/4/08 10:41 PM  

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