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Friday, April 04, 2008

Acolyte Table Numbers

Check out these awesome digital photo frames!Not impressed, you say? Are you sure?

Imagine....your guests enter your reception room and look for the table number that matches their escort card. They notice the table numbers are digital. "How high tech...just like them," they think, without giving it a second thought. Then once dinner is served, the table number magically starts changing into photographs. Of them! And the rest of the people at the table! With the newlyweds! One table erupts into chatter about the stories that go with the photos as the rest of the guests figure out that their table's number indeed has changed too.Run by a remote control and programmed with a small flash card, Acolyte's frames can be a perfect way to bring your guests together. Plus at the end of the night, one lucky guest gets to take theirs home and load their own special photos on it.



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