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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Soiree Classroom: How to have a bubble or sparkler sendoff

I've mentioned a properly executed bubble or sparkler exit a few times now (here, here, and here). You'd be surprised how many sendoffs go wrong at the end of the night! Here's some instructions on how to have a foolproof exit:

1. Instruct your wedding coordinator or a friend to hide the bubbles/sparklers until it's time to use them. Otherwise they will walk off and get used before it's time!2. Ensure your getaway car is parked outside with enough space for people to fill in between the building and the car. Put whatever personal belongings in the car that you'll want that night (::think overnight bag, bottle of champagne, purse, cards from gift table::). David & Jelena's car is a perfect distance away:3. Hide! A few minutes before you want to run through the crowd, remove yourself from the party. If you don't, then guests will stick around and converse with you for the next 45 minutes. The few guests who followed directions by going outside will get bored and wonder what happened to you! Find a spare bedroom, restroom, closet, kitchen, or other hiding place to sneak away unnoticed. This is the time to change your clothes, if you have chosen to do so. Shellie & Elliot were going straight to the airport: 4. Have your DJ or emcee tell everyone to go outside.

5. Have your designated coordinator or friend distribute the bubbles or sparklers as guests exit. Be sure sparklers aren't used too close to a building or overhang. Also make sure there's a clearing for you to get through! Melisa & Frank's guests obliged:6(a). If you have sparklers, have your coordinator or friend light a few sparklers once they're all distributed. Guests will find a way to light them themselves and you want to avoid them making any moves on their own. Once you've lit a few they'll naturally share their spark with everyone else. Make sure your wedding planner looks cocky in the photo:6(b). If you have bubbles, have your coordinator or friend encourage everyone to blow as many bubbles as they can. Get them excited! Nothing is more boring than a picture of bored people. Here's Ryfee & Jason's sendoff:6. Ensure the photographer & videographer are in place to capture the moment. Katie & Zach's photographer had her spot claimed before we started:7. Run out the doors through your adoring fans & hop in your getaway car! Jamie & John did just that:



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