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Monday, November 05, 2007

DC ISES Expo - Part 2

More on the DC ISES Expo! Check out the first part here if you missed it.

Digital Lightning showed off their awesome LED tables, which have little lights embedded in the wood that sparkle through the table linen:
Capital Party Rentals had a tablescape set up with beautiful glass goblets:
They also had these cute little cups, perfect for shots of soup or desserts like creme brulee or chocolate mousse:
A closeup of these adorable glass curved cups:
Check out this adorable ice cream cart from Berliner Specialty Distributors! Imagine this set up at the end of your wedding reception:
Fancy Cakes by Leslie had a beautiful display and gave out samples! She even had a photo of the adorable crab basket cake she did for Crystal & Edwin's wedding!
Part 3 is coming up tomorrow -- check back soon!



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