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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Soiree Classroom: Where to hold your bouquet

Take a look at these beautiful brides and tell me what they're doing wrong:That's right -- they're holding their bouquets WAY too high! See how their elbows are bent at right angles and the blooms on the bouquet covers up their gorgeous gown? Imagine how much they spent on all that gorgeous bead and lace work, only to hide it with flowers for all their professional photos.

Holding your bouquet near your chest is actually the most comfortable place to hold it and it feels very natural. My closest guess is that nerves tend to set in and the arms want to go into the fetal position? Regardless, it looks bad in photos and you can avoid it. Yes, even bridesmaids are prone to this phenomenon:The advantage of holding your bouquet lower is that it shows off the delicate bustline of your gown and also has a slimming effect on your waist. It balances out the proportions of your upper and lower bodies while simultaneously making you look cool and confident. What's not to love?

Here's what you should aim for:
These brides have a slight bend in their elbows and are holding the blooms of the bouquet near their belly button. To practice your bridal pose, place your wrists on the front of your hip bones (where the bone sticks out a little) and clasp your hands together. Roll your shoulders back and down, straighten up your spine, and slightly lift your chin. Smile and you'll be perfect for every photo!

Thanks to the Regeti's and Jessica Claire for letting me steal some of their blog candy!



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