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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

DC ISES Expo - Part 3

Continuing on the DC ISES Expo I attended last Thursday, here's the final photos I took! I couldn't get enough of Da Vinci Florist's booth - it was beautiful!

Here's the owner, Sharone, with one of his associates:
They had this cute tabletop display set up. Check out the hanging 'bubble' vases off the two closest glasses:
There was a beautiful beaded curtain and gorgeous vases topped with wintry fluff:
Sorry for the photo here...the column behind this tree makes it hard to see. This wiry tree would be amazing as a centerpiece under an airy tent:
CORT Event Furnishings showed off some of their new pieces:
A little blurry, but you get the idea:
And a shot from above:
Select Event Rentals went all out on the James Bond theme and stuck to a black & white scheme:
Their centerpiece was a large black vase with a lampshade, then white sticks coming out of the shade. From those sticks they hung white Chinese lanterns. I thought it looked interesting but I wouldn't necessarily do this for a wedding. I like our own 'stick & lantern' version a little better:



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