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Monday, April 03, 2006

Other Coordinators

This weekend I had the neat opportunity to meet other wedding coordinators in the DC area! We all got together in Old Town for a few hours and shared ideas, business practices, and resources.

I'm so glad to have finally met these other people I've heard so much about on the Knot DC message boards and through other vendors. Kim and Angel with Serendipity Special Events, Lauren with Breathe Events, Deb with The Raspberry Carousel, Meredith with Elegant Engagements, Kim with A Timeless Affair, Lynn and Priscilla with The Finer Points, Vicky with Event Accomplished, Linda with Sparkle Event Planning, and Shana with Designs by Epiphany were all present! They helped reconfirm why I love my job and also provided some inspiration to know I'm not the only one who struggles with certain aspects of owning a business. I hope, too, that the other planners felt the same way!

We're hoping to make it a quarterly event, which I'm very very excited about. Hopefully this will not only make us better business people, but also spur better service in the wedding industry and for our clients.

Some of DC's finest wedding coordinators!
Photo taken by Brandon, compliments of Vicky Choy's camera
(and thanks, Lauren, for bringing the photographer!)

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