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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Office Space?

This morning I was scanning the Craigslist commercial real estate listings, as I've somehow gotten obsessed with finding the perfect retail space. I eventually want a wedding library, DIY workshop, a vendor meeting space available for my brides, and a little window for people to see the newest table setting I've created.

For now I'm happy running Soiree out of my home, my car, and every Starbucks in the metro area, but it would be nice to have an actual location the business could call home. So back to Craigslist. I saw a really neat opportunity, for an office at the corner of King and Washington in Old Town, Alexandria. It's a 2nd floor suite, with enough space for a few people and surprisingly low rent. I shrugged off the idea, wondering what the heck I was thinking and knowing that everyone else would think I was crazy for wanting an office.

So later in the afternoon, Chris (fiance) calls and asks me if I'd seen the Craigslist posting for Old Town already. Of course I had, but it was really funny that he also saw it and thought of me. With his encouragement and my excitement, I called the realtor and we're now going to go check it out this weekend! I can't help but think of all the exciting opportunties that go along with this, and am really anxious to get started and move in.

Never mind the fact that I have my own personal move next week, Chris' little nephew is due in 3 weeks, and we have our own wedding in 3 months....I might just go for it! I still need to run numbers and make sure it'll make sense, but Soiree might soon have a different address. I'm so perky right now I can hardly stand it!

More to come later....



  • Laura-
    That is so cool. I can totally see your vision of the space. If you need any moving help or whatever, I am totally available. And thanks again for coming out to my event for Habitat for Humanity. It was really above and beyond, which is obviously a business practice you really follow.

    You have got to be so proud of yourself for everything you are accomplishing, and at such a young age.

    By Blogger Jen Howard, at 9/3/06 5:20 PM  

  • Laura,

    Congrats on your endeavor. It seems like you've really got it all together. In a day and age where there's so much apathy and so little motivation by our "20-something" generation, you and Chris are indeed the exceptions! I look forward to working with you again whether you're Laura the wedding planner or Laura the bride.

    PS - and I started blogs right around the same time...great minds think alike! I hope my website is still sending referrals your way...take care.

    Vern (aka dj greyhound)

    By Blogger DJ Greyhound, at 13/3/06 4:02 PM  

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