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Friday, March 17, 2006

Paint Paint Paint!

Chris and I finally signed on our condo in Reston! We settled and got the keys yesterday, and are so excited about it. We spent the whole day yesterday painting (thanks also goes to my Dad, the painting machine), and this weekend is reserved for putting together all the furniture we bought at World Market over the past 3 months. After living 6 hours away, then 2 hours away from each other over the past 4 years, we're both so happy to finally be getting settled as we start our lives together.

Kudos to all who've emailed me over the past week, and have patient enough to not complain at my slow email responses. Thanks for bearing with me!

In other new-house news, congratulations to our coordinator, Mariah, and her husband, Nick, who are holding their housewarming party this weekend! They recently became homeowners in the district, after renting an apartment just right up the street from their new home.



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