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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Elizabeth Anne Designs Planning Library

The ladies over at Elizabeth Anne Designs (who have a great blog, by the way) have been working on a super secret project. Luckily for us, it was launched today! The EAD Library is up and running and will be a wonderful resource for brides. Here's what they say about it:
We are incredibly excited to announce our new project, The EAD Library. After months of development and research, we are launching a new resource for brides tomorrow, Tuesday July 22nd. The Library is filled with hundreds of useful links, from photographers to shops to stationers. Our goal is a simple, comprehensive list of vendors. The Library will help every bride, no matter her location, find the vendors and inspiration she needs for a beautiful event.

To check out the library, click here! Right now it's organized by category...hopefully someday they'll organize it by location. Until then, the clean design makes it really easy to navigate and a lot of fun to browse.



  • thank you SO MUCH for blogging about our launch! :)

    By Blogger ami @ elizabeth anne designs, at 22/7/08 7:19 PM  

  • Also, just wanted to let you know too that today we introduced the ability for brides/grooms to publish vendor reviews. It would be great if you wanted to steer your clients towards the new site so that they can give you your much-deserved glowing review!

    By Blogger ami @ elizabeth anne designs, at 28/7/08 7:24 PM  

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