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Monday, July 14, 2008

Something Special for the Groom

Just a cute story to show you how we take care of our clients....

We met with the florist to finalize all the details. Everything was settled. 33 days before the wedding and the groom emails me:
Can i get a sketch or something of how our man is planning to make them? I'd like to add edelweiss if at all possible.

Hmm. Edelweiss? Like that song in The Sound of Music? :::cue me singing Edelweiss aloud in the office and adding The Sound of Music to my Netflix queue:::

"Sure! I can't find any pictures online of the boutonnieres we came up with. Here's my crappy crayon drawing of what we're planning on. Do you like the idea of one big folded leaf or multiple skinny grasses behind the fiddlehead ferns? Let me see what I can find out about Edelweiss and I'll get back to you."The florist contacts as many wholesalers as they can get their hands on. They try the entire east coast and then start making international calls. No dice. Maybe Google has better luck?

Google came up with very few ideas. One of them was a Canadian company that grows Edelweiss and then dries it in sand. Apparently Edelweiss has a relatively short growing season and needs very specific soil conditions to survive. There's a region in Canada that's just perfect for it. We order the smallest box and rush it. The shipping costs more than the product.

4 days before the wedding my mailman brings me this:
Cute box, actually! I hope all 10 of the blooms made it safely. We have one groom and nine groomsmen. Since they're dried I don't have to worry about storing them in my fridge:
Yes! All 10 blooms are intact. They're kind of fuzzy, spidery, and ugly. I should probably keep personal opinions to myself. I'm just glad they made it safely:One of them is much larger than the others. It's perfect for my groom! 3 days before the wedding and I'm delivering them to the florist.
DaVinci's Florist was a rockstar and incorporated all the Edelweiss blooms into the boys' boutonnieres. Here they are with their bouts and dashing good looks:
Have you chased down any strange items for your wedding? For my own wedding I ended up with rock candy stirring sticks, bright lime green vellum, and a pineapple embossing stamp. It's funny how the littlest things make the biggest difference!



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