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Thursday, July 10, 2008

2941 Coupon Winners

Earlier this week we posted about our fun visit to 2941 and also mentioned that we had a few coupons to give away. Each commenter had to post their favorite budget ideas. Congratulations to Erin, Amy, and Kristin! The Random Integer Generator selected you for the three coupons I have. Two are 'buy one get one free' lunches and the other is a $25 gift certificate towards dinner. Erin - you were picked first so I'll let you decide which coupon you want. Then Amy you can choose from what's left and Kristin you get the last one. I'll email each of you to figure out the details. Amy...can you either post your email address or shoot me an email? You didn't leave it in the comments the first time around.



  • This is too funny! I just found this post-- our very close family friends own 2491! My parents have been best friends with the Krinn's since before I was born (I grew up in DC). I had a fabulous experience there when they first opened--lovely restaurant!

    By Blogger Lara Casey, at 10/7/08 10:58 AM  

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