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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

DC ISES at Nationals Park

You know how much we love ISES. It's really one of the best industry associations and in our local area we have the largest chapter (600+ members)! The most recent meeting was held at the brand new Nationals Park stadium. Kudos to Amy Guthridge and Sarah Denhardt for taking on the huge challenge of planning such an awesome event! Photos are compliments of Armin DeFiesta.The gate:
Here's the ISES logo on the scoreboard. This baby is 4500 square feet of high definition:
The beautiful field:
There are quite a few large spaces for private events. Here's an indoor/outdoor bar:
And the view of the game you get:
Inside there's a full bar. Check out the baseball bats built into the bottom of the bar:
And a little lounge area:
Another large event space:
Armin DeFiesta took these fantastic photos of the evening. Here he is with Amy G:
Our main man Ryan seems to be enjoying himself (he's a big baseball fan):
Armin & Ryan together. I just love Armin's expression here. :::loook into my eyes:::
ISES events are always wonderful for some great networking:
They even let us on the field for some batting practice! Here's the videographer we all know and love...Martin from Blue Sky Films:Here's our friend Rob Holley taking a swing:I've no idea who this is but when's the last time you saw a girl with heels and a pencil skirt batting on a professional ball field?Nationals Park would be such an awesome venue for a wedding....even if you're not sports lovers! The private event spaces are surprisingly elegant and private. Maybe if you already have your wedding venue this would be a great rehearsal dinner option? I'm also very proud to include the fact that the building is the very first LEED-certified stadiums in the US. That means it was built with minimal impact to the earth and is eco-friendly!



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