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Monday, January 28, 2008

Venue Spotlight: Queenstown Harbor River House

Finding a venue for Lindsay and Sam was a challenge. They wanted enough space for up to 250-300 guests, no hotel ballrooms or otherwise 'blah' spaces, a private site without having to worry about other wedding guests or wedding crashers, driving distance to Washington, DC, affordable, and oh yeah - a water view! Thinking about DC event spaces, there are very few with water views (Ft. Belvoir Officer's Club, Top of the Town, the Odyssey or Nina's Dandy dinner boats, and the Key Bridge Marriott are a few). None of these are extremely glamorous nor will hold enough guests. Also since the city is built along the river, there's not much seclusion offered.

Enter Queenstown Harbor Golf Club and their beautiful historic River House! Lindsay actually found this one on her own but I'm glad she shared it with me. This venue is located on the eastern shore of Maryland past Annapolis, the Bay Bridge, and Kent Island. While it's a bit of a hike from DC (about 45-60 minutes out Rt. 50), there are plenty of hotels nearby and also lodging on site at the house!

Their website isn't entirely helpful but hopefully this will give you an idea. Without further ado, a photo tour.

Guests will park their cars at the main clubhouse then be transported by shuttle bus to the River House. This is the front of the house:Inside we have a few sitting areas on the main floor. The furniture's not amazing but it's in decent shape and is perfect for a kids play area, catering staging, or even to hold the groom and his guys before the ceremony. These rooms all have doors, too, which can be closed if you don't like the decor:Upstairs there are at least 3 bedrooms. The River House can sleep up to 10 people!There are a few modest restrooms but for a larger party you'll need to rent a portable restroom trailer:The central hallway goes from the front to the back of the house:Here's the stunning back yard. This is where's we'll set the ceremony and reception tent:There's even a little patio - perfect to set a bar on for cocktail hour:We're so excited to work with Lindsay and Sam on their wedding coming this September. Of course we'll post photos after the big day! Special thanks to SoireeInternMelissa for these fabulous shots of Queenstown.



  • Ha...I'm actually going to have to give Sam the credit for finding Queenstown. He did a lot of research...I don't know what I'd do if I didn't have his and Laura's help! :)

    The pics turned out beautifully, Laura. Hopefully your post will show people that there are some other wonderful but lesser-known options on the Eastern just have to look!

    By Anonymous Linds, at 28/1/08 2:03 PM  

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