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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

A Day in the Life...

....of a Soiree intern! This winter we hosted two interns in the office and showed them the ropes. Melissa just graduated from Virginia Tech and Nicole is already back at Ryerson University starting on her spring semester. Before Nicole left I asked her to write a blurb about her experience at Soiree to share with other potential intern candidates. I thought it was fun enough to include on the blog! Here is a recap of the past couple weeks through the eyes of a Soiree intern:

Well I have definitely learned a lot with the few days that I interned at Soiree Special Events. Laura took me on many adventures including the first meeting with the Sales Director for Linwoods, which was this fabulous restaurant near Baltimore. I learned the process of meeting with clients and building a bond with them since you will end up working many hours with them to create the perfect day for the engaged couples. After meeting with Linwoods, we ended up just going back to the office and created some holiday cards for this card swap that Laura entered with another wedding blogger. It was so fun for me because I had never really made cards before and using all her fun ribbon was so cool, along with her snowflake paper puncher. So cool!My second day as a SoireeIntern we ventured to an event services company called Gala, Inc. Before this day I really had no idea that companies like this existed! They build props and settings for various parties; it was so cool going into their warehouse because I was able to really see how they can create their client's ideas and turn them into lavish settings for events. It was such an exciting part of being an intern for Soiree. After we went to see Gala, Inc., we went back to the office to finish making the holiday cards and were really successful. They turned out pretty well! After all the cardmaking, we went to this ISES Holiday Party, which was definitely an experience as well. They had yummy grilled cheese hors d'oeurves, as well as carving stations, and some delicious risotto. The theme of the whole event was staying green, and giving ideas to the different companies of how to help be eco-friendly. This was such a great experience for me because I got to meet people who were in the hospitality industry and just observe Laura interact with the other professionals. My last day on the job, we went to meet this couple who were currently planning their wedding, but shopping around for wedding planners who fit their needs. It was a great meeting to sit in, because I got to learn how to interact with potential clients and let them know that you want their business. I was so grateful to be able to be at this meeting.. successfully they did end up booking Soiree!! My favorite part of being a SoireeIntern had to be meeting with different companies about the various events and just going through the different processes that go into planning a wedding. There are so many details that you have to be mindful of and specifically catering to the needs of your couples is definitely something I have learned that is important.

Unfortunately, I had only had a few full intern days with Laura, but they were still such fun-filled days. I learned so much in that little amount of time, and am looking forward to continuing my event planning dream!



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