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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Real Simple Weddings Giveaway

Heard about the Real Simple Weddings issue? It's gorgeous! I can't decide whether it should be a magazine or a book...the resource and planning information inside is like a book but it looks like a magazine. The pages are so heavy and beautiful, wonder it cost $13!

If you haven't made your way to a Crate&Barrel yet or don't have one in your area, you're in luck! I have an extra copy that I'm giving away. They'll be in regular stores at the end of the month or you can buy one online from Crate& Barrel's website. You can also find some of the worksheets and other interesting things on the Real Simple Weddings page. Here are a few photos of the issue:To win, leave a comment below telling me about your favorite tip/trick/lesson learned from Real Simple. For me, it was a fantastic meat loaf recipe that uses saltines, onion soup mix, and barbecue sauce. Yummy! I'll pick a random winner by Tuesday at 8pm. Make sure you leave your email address so I can connect with you.

Special props to my friends Mark, Sasha, Terrica, and Kim for their contributions to the issue! You can see the full list of their wedding experts here.

::UPDATE on 1/16:: The entry date has been postponed! Leave a comment below by Monday, January 28th for your chance to win.



  • I love all of Real Simple's cleaning tips, but its Stain Removal 101 guide has changed my life!

    By Blogger Preppy Fashionista, at 13/1/08 12:16 PM  

  • I would read Real Simple even if it didn't give great advice--I love the photography and it's crispness. Luckily they give great advice from shoes to how to write a proper letter. The best tip I got...I never know what to give kids at Christmas and last year Real Simple recommended a shark tent. So cute!! I bought it for my nieces and they LOVED it!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 16/1/08 12:36 AM  

  • My favorite tips from Real Simple are the ones about using everyday objects for new things. For example, using a clothespin to hold a nail in place while hammering or putting velcro on the bottom of Munster's dog bowl to keep it from sliding. I am currently planning my own wedding and I would love to win this magazine. Thanks. :)

    By Blogger Casie, at 17/1/08 8:49 AM  

  • My favorite Real Simple tip is to use nail polish to color-code the keys on your keychain, and you'll never waste another moment fumbling with the wrong one.

    By Anonymous CEP, at 17/1/08 10:00 AM  

  • When I first got married I was so clueless on how to clean, so I checked out the Real Simple website and spent hours browsing their tips and printing out worksheets. They were so helpful. My favorite tip is the Shiny Sink 101. Now our sinks are always shiny and clean smelling. No stinky sinks for us...Thanks Real Simple!

    By Anonymous Eipryl T., at 17/1/08 11:44 PM  

  • In addition to the Stain Removal 101, I love all the tips on kitchen organization. I'm an organized person when it comes to everything else... but the kitchen - I have so many ingredients, pans, tools for all the baking I do, I'm always in need for good tips to keep it all in order.

    I love that Real Simple and Crate & Barrel came together on this! I'm even going to their event in NY next week and can't wait.

    By Blogger talida, at 18/1/08 11:09 AM  

  • i was trying to figure out what to write in our invitations lately, as i dont know what is proper for both my 78 years old grandfather and my 20 something friends...
    thanks to the section in Real Simple, i now am aware of the wedding invitation etiquette!

    time does run fast when you're planning a wedding, doesn't it?



    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 21/1/08 9:41 PM  

  • Very useful and simple tips that are helpful for anyone's wedding

    By Anonymous Nancy, at 6/4/10 4:44 AM  

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