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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

ISES Green Party

Before the holidays we attended a great seminar put on by ISES on green and eco-friendly special events. Lori Hill and Kevin White presented wonderfully creative ideas on how to make each event greener and made us really think about how each event makes an impact on the environment.

At the event, they featured Virginia Ham, beeswax candles from a company in Lynchburg, bay shrimp and free range chicken, Virginia beer and wine, HonesTea (a Bethesda-based tea & juice company), LED lighting, carolers who required no electricity to sing, and recycled paper handouts. It was really inspiring to see all the different ways to save on electricity and other resources.

We'll be creating a section of our website to showcase how you can make your event more environmentally friendly but in the meantime you can enjoy some photos by Roman Grinev Photography:

The view from the ballroom at the Sheraton National:Wintry decor:A risotto station:A beautiful apple tart:Mini grilled cheese and tomato soup shooters:Carolers:



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