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Monday, December 10, 2007

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Have you been to a wedding and seen a slideshow of images projected onto a wall or screen? Typically there are baby photos, childhood photos, family photos, and photos of the couple through their courtship. I love when couples do this (and so do wedding guests!) but more often than not the logistics of obtaining a projector frustrate the bride and groom into deciding not to have a slideshow at all.

Some DJs offer this as an additional service but guess what? They rent their projector from an A/V agency then mark it up and earn a nice profit. Hotels do this the exact same way. It's not unheard of to pay several hundred dollars simply to have a slideshow run during your wedding reception!

This is exactly why I'm so excited to announce that is now up & running. Their website allows you to reserve a projector online (for cheap) for a weekend, week, or month at a time. For weekend rentals, they FedEx the projector to you on Friday then pick it up Monday morning. Easy peasy! Nice and easy! Light and breezy!* is offering a free weekend rental to one of our lucky readers! Just leave a comment below, telling us how you'd use the projector. We'll select a random winner by Wednesday at 8pm - be sure to check back that night.

Not getting married anytime soon? This projector would be awesome for a SuperBowl or football party, at a baby shower, or even just to have friends over for a movie night. Once the weather gets warmer it would be great to hang up a white bed sheet, pop some popcorn, pour some margaritas and have an outdoor movie party (a la The Wedding Planner). Think of the possibilities!

*If that video confused you, this one might explain it.



  • OOH, the possibilities are endless. Since I don't need it for a wedding, I'd love to have a "welcome Isabel" party come May and play baby pictures of her and her relatives (parents/uncles etc) and let people guess who is on the screen :).

    By Blogger BuescherBlog, at 10/12/07 3:08 PM  

  • My fiancee and I are getting married next November, and the venue where our reception is being held has a small stage. Since we don't want to set up the bridal party tables there, and we may not have a band, we were discussing the white sheet idea! But using pictures of us in a slideshow when the reception first starts (and we're downstairs taking our pictures), and then switching to a custom monogram of our initials once the music starts and we start dancing.
    We're on a tight budget, so winning this would be wonderful!!

    By Blogger Riley, at 10/12/07 5:07 PM  

  • Oooh! That would be perfect for showing the video my Mom made to our first dance song at our wedding next summer!

    By Anonymous jama, at 12/12/07 3:06 PM  

  • I'm an artist and I've been looking at projectors with a curious eye for awhile now. If I get to try one for a weekend, I will probably buy one if I like it. Good luck everyone!

    By Blogger Angel, at 3/2/08 2:14 PM  

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