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Thursday, December 06, 2007

Soiree Classroom: How to un-freeze your cake top

Remember Heather & Geoffrey from last year? It's hard to believe they just passed their first anniversary! Here's what their cake looked like last November:
They recently unwrapped their cake top and Heather was so sweet to send us some photos. Without further ado, here's how to enjoy your wedding cake on your first anniversary:

1. Assuming your anniversary is on a Sunday, take your cake out of the freezer on Friday evening or Saturday morning....
....and place it in the fridge:2. On Sunday morning, take it out and put it on the counter. Heather used an ice cream scoop here to show us how much she wrapped it:3. Take all the layers off of your cake* while the fondant & buttercream are still hard from the fridge (otherwise it'll stick to the saran wrap):Look how much smaller her actual cake is, compared to the ice cream scoop:Mmm...just like new. Those wrinkles are indentations from the saran wrap - not that the cake has dried out:4. Take a slice out, find your toasting flutes, pop some bubbly, and enjoy!!
I will have to say that the Heidelberg Pastry Shoppe did an awesome job on this chocolate mousse cake and I can still remember how yummy it tasted! If you're on the market for a bakery, these guys mean serious cake business.

Thanks Heather & Geoffrey, for sharing your anniversary with us. We hope you had a good one and reminisced on happy wedding memories. Best of luck over the next few months as you welcome the new addition to your family in March!

* Has anyone seen that Daniel Craig movie, Layer Cake? I didn't especially like it but I do like Daniel Craig who was the best Bond ever. Unrelated to actual cake, but still just as good.



  • So fun to see the cake going through all the stages! To all the brides out there, I highly recommend freezing the top layer according to Laura's foolproof plan. The cake was even better than I remembered, and it was fun having something left of the wedding day, even if it wasn't quite as pretty as a fresh from the bakery cake!

    By Blogger BuescherBlog, at 7/12/07 8:00 AM  

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