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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Tabletop Competition

I've been excited about the Washington Bridal Showcase's tabletop competition for quite some time now. You can check out Soiree's entry here to see how we compared with this year's entries.

R&R Catering went all out with a giant stacked ostrich feather centerpiece and a swagged linen tablecloth:
Le Mousseux Sparkling Cider chose to display their product on the free table instead:
Superb Cuisines Catering by Keula Binelly thought to bring a section of dance floor and displayed a sweetheart table:I feel badly for forgetting who this is, but I think it was Amphora Caterers?I also forget who created this one! Was anyone at the show who remembers?
Hunt Country Celebrations joined forces to pull this beautiful ivory & gold tablescape together:
This table was created by Marco Polo Restaurant & Caterers. Check out the huge bamboo sections in the centerpiece:
Perfectly Posh won the show's competition and rightfully so. They went with sticks & crystals too! I like how they used pink ribbons to hang the crystals instead of fishing line:A closeup of the tabletop. Check out the sweets -- Jelly Belly-filled coffee cups, candy-filled glassware, and cakes on every plate:What do you think about the entries? If they have the competition at January's show should Soiree try again?

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