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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Our Booth

If you saw us at the Washington Bridal Showcase this weekend, these photos should look familiar! Here's our booth setup with me & AJ:
Proving that AJ really is more popular than I am:But I'm a great box holder:
Jessica joined me later on (she's the new kid on the block):
Our signs gave wedding disaster scenarios as a reason to hire us (ie: "Because limos don't always show", etc):
Is anyone else familiar with the Pale Force videos? Conan and Jim have a new contender:
Here's our crazy getup, complete with IKEA curtains & tablecloth (aka: duvet cover):
Soiree pens are always a huge hit! Thanks Stephanie, for the awesome brochures:



  • The booth looked amazing! Sorry I couldn't be there, but it looked like you guys rocked it :)

    By Anonymous Melissa K, at 14/9/07 10:41 PM  

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