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Monday, March 12, 2007

Update: Ruby & Toby's Photos

About 2 months ago I mentioned a couple named Ruby & Toby who were married on January 13th, 2007. I realized their photos were up online and wanted to share a few!

Below is the work of the fabulous Cassidy DuHon of DuHon Photography. He's so extremely talented and is amazingly affordably priced! From an event planner standpoint, he responds to emails and phone calls quickly, came to the wedding a few minutes ahead of time, was prepared for everything, and was self-sufficient the whole day. All those things combined speak volumes to me. Plus he's a really nice guy, which is always an added bonus.

Ceremony at the Washington Kalibari:
Ruby was absolutely glowing the entire day. I love this shot of her and her dad:
How to fit 300 guests in the Newton White Mansion:
(hey - that's where I got married!)
Obviously something was hilarious but the older folks in front don't get it:
Beautiful decor:What's an Indian wedding without lots of dancing?!?
I love the expression of the two girls down in front. Classic!

Thanks again to Cassidy DuHon for the photos!

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