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Saturday, September 06, 2008

Big News!

We have been working on some big news for a while and are so thrilled to finally share it with you. As of today, we'll be known as Wish Special Events!We've formed a more perfect union with The Dandelion Patch and will be offering event planning services to their brides. We'll still be open for business as usual so if you're not ordering your invitations through their adorable stores then don't fret. From the surface we are essentially just changing our name and our look.If you're a current Soiree bride, your contract, payment terms, and coordinator will stay the same. We are keeping the entire team, cell phone numbers are the same, and email addresses will be active. The services you've contracted us for are not going anywhere. We are very much looking forward to working with you on your wedding.

If you are a potential client, please check out our new website! The information is very similar to the Soiree site as we're offering the same services, keeping the same people, showcasing the same weddings, etc. Our rates have gone up a tad but they are still competitive for planners in the DC area. All new weddings will be booked through the new company.

If you are a vendor, please update your website links and address books. Our team members' emails will now be Our contact number is switching to a central line at 866-410-WISH (9474). We plan to also send out a formal email announcement...add your address in the comments to be sure you're on our list. As always we appreciate your positive recommendations and referrals.

We're so thrilled to announce this partnership. It allows us access to bigger and better business resources and the opportunity to grow in the direction we've been aiming. Stay tuned for an announcement about our new'll likely need to update your bookmarks and links to follow us.

Post your comments below! I'll be checking back regularly to answer all your questions. You may also email me anytime with concerns. To chat on the phone, our snazzy new toll-free number is 866-410-WISH (9474).



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