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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Why that bridal mag cost you $8.75

Have you ever bought a wedding magazine (don't lie...) and looked at the price tag? It's just right there on the barcode. Check it out sometime. Those things cost a fortune! In college I could've eaten meals for a week on $10. As a bride I couldn't get enough of them and had stacks upon stacks hidden in my closet. As a planner I now scoff at the recycled information repeated in nearly every issue. Over the years they've never ceased to produce some of the most gorgeous wedding photos that ever were.

Wedding planner Sasha Souza writes her very own blog called Sparkliatti. Recently she wrote about a photo shoot done for a magazine spread. The setup wasn't even for a real wedding! It was simply to display the conjure up romantic images and stir the creative juices in brides' minds everywhere. I simply can't imagine the cost of all the beautiful displays. That cost gets passed on to you, lovely reader:I think my favorite part of the post is where she describes the two people sitting in the car. (::hint: one of them is her::) What are you waiting for? Go check it out!



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