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Monday, September 01, 2008

Why You Don't Want to be a Wedding Planner

Since the beginning of the year, we've received 100+ resumes from aspiring wedding planners. That's pretty typical and the list has stretched long since we started in 2005. Apparently being an event planner is the 'it' job of the millennium. I'm sure any other planner out there has tons of those emails (on iWed we affectionately call them the "it's my dreeeeeaaaam" girls).

Unfortunately the reality of being a wedding planner is that most of us are chained to our laptops 90% of our time. We blog about all the fun things we do....picking linen with clients, visiting new venues, going to networking parties, and of course running the wedding days. Like any other job, though, there is a ton of correspondence with clients and vendors, business paper work, tax documents, and everything else that goes with owning a company. Not very often do we blog about the boring things but they're equally as important.I took a few minutes today and averaged the number of emails I send on a regular basis. Last week I averaged 30.2 emails a day! Keep in mind that I was out of the office from 10am-8pm on both Thursday and Friday so the bulk of these were spread over the beginning of the week. On Wednesday I topped out at 42 emails for the day made up by 31 separate conversations. They span 15 hours. Can you imagine a 15-hour workday talking with 31 people simultaneously? The kicker is that most of my emails are about the same amount of text as this post.If planning events is still your goal, be persistent. We offer a great internship program and are looking forward to seeing what you can offer. The wedding industry always has room for better vendors. If the thought of 31 simultaneous conversations and office hours from 8am-11pm slightly scares you, turn and run just as fast as you can!

If you're one of our spring brides, we love you and promise we're not trying to ignore you. We always strive to get back to client emails same-day (sometimes same-hour) but can't always reach that goal. Our fall brides are taking the front seat for the next few days as we finalize their details. We'll get back to you just as soon as we can.



  • LOVE IT!!!

    By Blogger *~ Jane ~*, at 2/9/08 11:37 AM  

  • Thank you for enlightening those who need it. I'm a wedding planner and there ain't no dreaming when it comes to my job!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6/9/08 1:58 PM  

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