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Monday, June 30, 2008

Congratulations, Danielle & Ryan! (part 1)

Danielle and Ryan are perhaps two of the sweetest people I've ever met. Really! They exchanged vows in May at Raspberry Plain in Leesburg, VA. Genevieve Leiper Photography captured gorgeous images, R&R Catering provided the fantastic food and service, Kirkabee Deejays entertained the crowd, Cakes by Design brought a gorgeous tower of sweetness, Heaven on Earth created beautiful decor, and Reverend Ken Knapp officiated the ceremony. Special thanks also goes to Chariots for Hire who transported all of their guests.

These first two photos are so adorable! Danielle and her mom are popping the champagne. Do you see the family resemblance?Ryan looks spiffy as I pin his boutonnière:Look how gorgeous she is! Ryan is one lucky guy:Of course the guys aren't so bad themselves:The ladies take advantage of the beautiful scenery at Raspberry Plain for some informal portraits:The ceremony in the garden is all ready to go. Check out the HUGE floral pomander balls in the back:
After the ceremony, Danielle's mom keeps her train off of the ground. I don't know why I love this photo but I thought you might like it too:After the family portraits, the bride and groom snuck off for some private time during cocktail hour:OK, maybe it wasn't so private after all...First dance in the Atrium at Raspberry Plain:Dinner time! Do those chairs look familiar?Kirk kept everyone on the dance floor all night:Genevieve stole the newlyweds for this amazing shot:
I couldn't resist sharing this one either:
These street lamps line the driveway at Raspberry Plain:
Stay tuned for Part 2! I have many more details to share on this beautiful wedding.



  • What a beautiful couple and a gorgeous wedding day!!! Love it. :)

    By Anonymous Amanda @ Bliss Weddings, at 2/7/08 10:18 AM  

  • LOL
    I was looking at the beautiful shots of this wedding and something was so familiar...

    I finally got to the part where you mentioned the location and I just shot a wedding here less than a week ago myself! How fried is my brain then?

    Great post, I'll have to stop through to see more :)

    By Blogger Photo Fanatic Photography, at 2/7/08 4:42 PM  

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