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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Soiree Classifieds: Hoop Skirt

This hoop skirt is $20! The first person to comment here (with their email address) will get it. If I need to ship it to you, please add a couple dollars for postage. Otherwise, pickup is in Reston, VA. I'll contact you by email to make all the arrangements. If you're interested and someone else has already commented, please comment anyway! There's a chance that the first person will try it on and not fit, hate it, etc.
This hoop skirt was actually bought for my own wedding in 2006. I bought it from a bride who hadn't used it and then I never used it either. I'm not sure how much she got it for but I remember paying her $50. At this point I'll just be glad to get it out of the house!

The skirt is made up of several thin metal hoops. The hoops are adjustable and are held together by little plastic joiners. Therefore you can make it as large or as small as you want. It would be perfect for a wedding gown that doesn't have any fluff underneath or for a bride who wants to vamp up her ballgown and make a statement.

The backside closes with a hook similar to a bikini top. The elastic is nice and wide so it's comfortable:I am a regular street size 6-8 and it was just slightly tight on me. It's elastic so I'm sure it could fit anyone from a size 2-10. However if you're more of a 4-6, I think it would be perfect. Height is not as important as the bottom few inches of your gown will drape over it. You can also pull the hoop skirt up or down a few inches as necessary. To give you an idea of height in the picture, I'm 5'9 and not wearing shoes. It falls about 2" above the ground. If you try it on at my home and hate it, I'll re-list it here so you don't end up with something you won't use.



  • This would be great for one of my clients!!

    By Anonymous Andrea, at 23/4/08 3:22 PM  

  • I would love this for my daughter! If still available.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 7/6/09 12:56 PM  

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