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Saturday, December 01, 2007

JMU's Le Gourmet Event

A couple weeks ago I had the fun opportunity to attend a fundraiser for my alma mater, James Madison University. Every year the Hospitality department puts on a formal dinner called Le Gourmet for hospitality alumni and the local hospitality business community. This year they chose the US Chamber of Commerce building in Washington, DC to host the event. Here are some photos I took of the evening:

The entry:Cocktail area:Rolling bar with lighting inside:Martini bar for signature drinks:Main room set for dinner. I dig the pin spots on each table:The theme was 'black tie, blue jeans, and boots' so the table cloths and centerpieces revolved around a country western idea. Think we have enough glasses set?The ceilings in this room are really high and there are flags on each wall:Speaking of the ceilings, this is a shot straight up:And speaking of flags, this one takes up an entire wall by itself!Yours truly:Coffee station set up after dinner in the cocktail area:
These fruity drinks were passed after dinner in ICE SHOT GLASSES!Husband knows exactly how to embarrass me at a fancy event:After dinner the Jellyfish Blues Band took the stage. We were very excited about this since they have 3 out of the 4 members from Eddie From Ohio! It helps that most of them are also JMU alumni too :) Sorry for the awful photo, but there's a stage up there:



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