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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Inspiration Board: Tuscany

This board is set to inspire the dreamer, and lover, that imagines a wedding day that is both breezy and elegant, classic and stylish - think Old World Italy meets Audry Hepburn.Burnt orange, complimented by various greens, mimic the horizon of an Italian sunset. The bold bridesmaid dresses are balanced by the tan suites for groomsmen, neither of which is too formal or casual, and highlights the color scheme. This theme of balance and style is carried through the green letterpress coasters, rusty calla lilies, and sleek (but tasty!) cake.

To top it off, the bride is set apart by a lace dress and single layer veil. Not one for princess dresses, this bride is known for her fashion sense and classic style and choose lace for its sophisticated look.



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