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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Venue Spotlight: Tyson's Corner Marriott

Yesterday I had the pleasure of joining Allie & Ana from the Tyson's Corner Marriott catering team at their hotel! We enjoyed a lovely lunch in Shula's Steakhouse (mmm) and then a tour of their gorgeous property. The hotel doesn't really look like much on the outside, but after a HUGE renovation this past year, the inside looks amazing! The new lobby:Here's where I started, in Shula's:Shula's has a very manly feel...lots of dark wood paneling and football photos (obviously):Ana & Allie had a private room set up for us (this room holds up to 35):
I regretfully didn't take photos of the food, which was amazing, but here's what dessert looked like! That's a full-size dinner plate there:After lunch we toured the hotel. Here's the sitting area of the bridal suite:And the beautiful dining table (perfect for spreading out bridal beauty products!):We were all ready to just flop on the bed and take a nap after our huge meal:On to the second floor! Here's the view of beautiful Tyson's Corner from the hallway outside of the Junior Ballroom:And if you look over that railing on your left....The Junior Ballroom, set for a meeting. This room holds about 70-80 guests:The hotel also has a fitness center (see that funny running guy?) and a pool, just through the glass and behind those plants:Ana & Allie had two tables set up for us as an example. This linen is one of their standard linen choices (aka: no additional charge!):This is another pretty linen they have. The hurricane glass and bowl centerpieces can be included in the package price:Lots of nice 'standard' linen options!The main floor holds their ballroom, which can seat around 275 guests. Here's the hallway where cocktails would happen:
And a small portion of the ballroom (there were meetings in the other sections and this one was set up for another!). I like the pale yellow striped walls -- very simple, elegant, classy, and nonchalant:The hotel's renovations certainly paid off and the property is just beautiful inside. Just driving by it on Route 7, you'd never know what a gem this is. The grand ballroom comes with an $18k minimum for a Saturday night and room blocks can be booked between $89-$119, depending on the weekend. I especially like it's proximity to shopping at Tyson's Corner and other popular wedding venues like the Tower Club or Meadowlark Gardens.



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