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Monday, October 08, 2007

The Green Challenge

I've been tagged! Saundra at planning...forever events has challenged me to share some ideas about what I do in my daily life to minimize my impact on the environment. This comes a week before Blog Action Day, which I'm really looking forward to as well. Although there's probably more that I haven't thought of and some that I should do, here are three easy ways that I've been keeping green:

1. My hubby and I walk to the grocery store instead of driving when possible. It's just across the street which is convenient, plus we get a little exercise while we're at it.

2. I schedule appointments in similar areas on the same days. Tomorrow I'll be in Arlington for three appointments then in Alexandria for two the next day. This reduces the distance I need to drive and as a bonus, saves me some cash on gasoline :)

3. I utilize the public library! There are some books I have in my own collection for clients to look at and to draw inspiration from, but 'read-them-once' books always come from the library.

This post came just in time, too! The hubs and I went camping with some friends this weekend to enjoy the last little bit of nice weather in the mountains. Boy do we have a beautiful world:So -- what are you doing to introduce environmental sustainability into your life? Part of the deal is that I have to tag five people to share their easy-to-do green ideas! They are:

Jordan @ Oh Happy Day
[b]ecker @ [b]ecker's blog
Abby @ Style Me Pretty
Erin @ Lucky Me!
Dawn @ Anna Bella Stationery

Let's keep this going! As interesting as the '8 random facts about me' string was, this one gives people some great ideas on how we can keep the world as green as possible for future generations.



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