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Thursday, October 04, 2007

Congratulations, Lori & David!

Lori & David were married in August but Roman Grinev's professional photos are just too good not to share! Our newlyweds exchanged vows and held their reception at the Westin Arlington Gateway in Virginia. This new hotel is simply gorgeous and I couldn't have nicer things to say about their catering director, Paul Z. He was with me every step of the way and their staff really did take care of most everything!

Without further ado, on to the photos! Lori and David decided to see each other prior to the ceremony. Here's Lori sneaking up on David outside the hotel:And David's adorable reaction:Aren't they so cute together? Lori looked simply radiant, thanks to the help of her hair stylist Piper B. and makeup artist Giannina D.:The ceremony room is ready to go:Beautiful harp music was provided by Gail Shanta through Bialek's Music:Look how cute this little squirt is:In Jewish tradition, the parents of the bride and groom escort their children down the aisle. Beth (Lori's mom) was my guidance counselor in high school!They're hitched! Now where's the party?The Westin did an amazing job on the food and service. Five stars!The room looks just beautiful:What a difference the lighting makes!Lori's grandfather offers a blessing then cuts the challah. DJ Mike Valenti (through Bialek's) is in the back there, looking very professional:
Lori's bouquet looked so pretty! Flowers were provided by Susan Chamberlain Flowers:The cake cutting goes to plan. Although I wasn't a fan of this design, the cake really was very yummy:The party ensues with the hora:DJ Mike Valenti consistently keeps a crowd on the dance floor:And they lived happily ever after. Congratulations again, you two!Quite Note: For any Soiree brides looking for a photographer, Roman offers a $200.00 discount to our clients! Just mention you're working with us to receive your discount.

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  • Ahh! She was my guidance counselor, too, fellow C-surnamed one.

    Glad to see you're doing so well, Laura!


    By Blogger jess-nutt, at 5/10/07 9:52 AM  

  • Laura- Just FYI, the hora is a specific dance (like the waltz) and not just any circle dance. Lifting people on chairs, while traditional, isn't part of the hora.

    Andd Mrs. Cohen was my guidance counselor also. Mmm alphabetical organization. Do you think that she got the C's because she's Cohen?

    By Blogger Rebecca, at 10/10/07 6:02 PM  

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