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Sunday, August 05, 2007

What would Colin Cowie bring to your wedding?

Recently, talked Colin Cowie into telling them what he recommends for weddings. Of course we all know that he probably never buys wedding gifts....he's probably always talked just into DESIGNING the wedding! Am I right, wedding pros out there? Am I right?

Apparently all of Colin's favorite wedding gifts fit into one of four categories. My favorite part of this page/article is that Colin likes grilled cheese as much as I do!

1. Wine accessories:2. Grills (indoor or outdoor):3. A gizmo-whatsit:4. Something for the dinner table other than china:What? Haven't heard of Colin Cowie? In a nutshell, this guy is Oprah's party planner. He's also quite possibly the inspiration for "Franck" in the Steve Martin version of Father of the Bride.

:::get tissues ready to catch the drool::: Here's his website!



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