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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Soiree Series: Things OUI Love

Since Kim sent me these awesome French bridal magazines, I've been so excited to share the wonderful things I've found on nearly every big, thick, glossy page. Last week I shared some beautiful runway trends.

Bridal fashion typically follows from Paris and London to LA and NYC then on down to other 'less hip' cities like DC, Chicago, and good ol' Boca Raton, FL. Of course no offense to those last guys on the list...I call DC home! I just find it fascinating to see which bridal trends are going to be hot in the states over the next 2-3 seasons.

Check out these perfectly adorable little buttoned ankle boots:
And how about a pair of soft luxurious white leather gloves?Or maybe a $2000 pair of shoes?Top hats are definitely going to be big! Right up there with fedoras a la Brad Pitt. I know...I can hardly believe it either. Hopefully this trend will sink and drown on it's way across the pond:



  • So funny about the top hats because the Sartorialist featured Fred Astaire today . . . hmmm, I have a feeling this trend will definitely hit it big for a while. :)

    By Blogger Blue Orchid Designs, at 7/8/07 3:03 PM  

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