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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Gowns Stolen From Breast Cancer Group

Read below:

Nov 6, 4:12 PM EST

Gowns Stolen From Breast Cancer Group

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. (AP) -- A trailer containing thousands of wedding gowns worth an estimated $3 million was stolen from a charity that grants the dying wishes of women with breast cancer. The 40-foot trailer and a pickup truck owned by Making Memories were taken Sunday morning, authorities said.

"They've stolen the last wish and dream and hope of someone who is terminally ill," said Fran Hansen, co-founder of the group, which resells donated wedding gowns to raise money.

Nick DiLello, who runs the Phoenix Bridal Show, donated three dresses to the group after the trailer was stolen, and is planning a charity wedding gown sale to make up for the theft.

"Gown donations are coming in quicker than we can find staging," DiLello said. Making Memories paid for four relatives from Italy to visit DiLello's mother in 2004, when she was too sick to travel there. She died three weeks ago.

This was the event that we volunteered at when it was in Arlington last weekend. We raised just over $20,000, which will grant 4-5 wishes for terminal breast cancer patients. They were hoping the Hollywood show would raise even more money to grant wishes over the holidays. For many women, this may be the last Christmas they are able to spend with their families.

See the Brides Against Breast Cancer website and their online information about the missing trailer. Fran is just the sweetest, most dedicated person I've met in a very long time, and it's heartbreaking to hear what she's had to go through this week. She brought us close to tears many times that weekend, simply telling stories about the women they granted wishes for.

If you're interested in donating a gown or financially contributing (ie: tax deduction), Soiree Special Events will be sending a mass shipment to their offices at the end of this week. The donation box will be set outside my home in Reston and I may be able to take gowns on Friday in Tyson's Corner. Email me if you need directions or more information!

For every gown we collect, Soiree will make a $15 contribution to the foundation to cover the cleaning and shipping costs of your gown.

Making Memories is also taking donations by credit card online. See this site for the direct link to their PayPal account!



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