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Monday, August 11, 2008

Terrapass for Weddings

We're all aware of the environmental impact that weddings and special events create. "Green Weddings" have been the rage for the past year and show no sign of slowing. Brides and grooms are more eco-conscious and are taking efforts to minimize their footprint.

Did you know that Terrapass offers a Wedding Carbon Footprint Calculator? It adds up airline and car emissions from your guests' travel, hotel energy use, and energy use at the actual wedding. After you discover the number of tons of carbon you're putting into the atmosphere, you can purchase a carbon offset to help reverse the damage. They offer a nice printed version that you can frame and display at your wedding reception (perfect near the guestbook).How much is YOUR impact? I think this is a great alternative to wedding favors and also a wonderful way to help the environment. To learn more about Terrapass, check out the dedicated Wikipedia page.

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