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Friday, June 20, 2008

Creative Ideas to One-Up the Sister-in-Law

One of my favorite business resources is a message board called iWed. This forum has been such a great place to learn, to share ideas and to be inspired.

Recently, a planner came to the board asking for some ideas for her client. The bride's brother had recently gotten married and his wife stole all her fun ideas! Since many of the guests will be coming to the next family wedding, our poor bride needs some creative ideas to show the family what they missed at the first event.

I was really impressed with the long list we had going and thought I'd share some of my favorites. Each idea is a link that sends you to our favorite local vendor or to a photo of the effect. Here are the top ways to show up that sibling or friend:

Candy bar
Popcorn bar
Ice cream bar
Krispy Kreme donut favors
Order pizza as a midnight snack
Mini dessert buffet in lieu of wedding cake
Champagne or martini bar
Fondue station
Ice luge

Vinyl initials
Painted dance floor (Gala)
Pinspotting the centerpieces
Lounge area

Caricature artist
Cigar roller
Pro dancers teaching some moves
A fun first dance
Photo book as a guest book
Photo booth
Roaming magician
Roaming paper cutter


Sand ceremony
Candle lighting ceremony (each guest has a small candle and the flames are passed from bride and groom to their parents and then on to rest of the congregation)

What do you think about all these ideas? Do you have some more to add to the list?



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