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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Congratulations, Erin & Christian!

Erin was referred to us by Heather (who now has a beautiful baby girl!). I was so thrilled when Erin contacted us nearly a year ago. She is one of the most organized brides we've had and also one of the calmest on the wedding day. While there was one major snafu that nearly ruined the whole event, she took it like a champ and enjoyed every second of her day. You'll have to read on to see what I'm talking about.

Of course I have some photos for you! These wonderful images were captured by Regeti's Photography.

I swear the blonde bridesmaid looks like Bridgette Wilson (you know, the bride from The Wedding Planner?) Erin's gown was custom-made by Aimee Lauren: Erin & Christian held their ceremony at St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic Church in Woodbridge:These two just looked so happy the entire day!Chariots for Hire did a great job with the limousine and town car. Here's Erin's best cheese face:The reception was held at Old Hickory Golf Club. Linda at Heaven on Earth did a fantastic job with the flowers:Here are a few non-pro shots by me:Christina at PaperZest provided these fantastic brownies as guest favors. I was hoping there would be a few left over at the end of the night but they were all eaten!Christina also made these great table name cards based on the couple's favorite classic movies:The cake was gorgeous! Rocio at A Piece of Cake really outdid herself:
A rather unattractive shot of me and Vern from DJ Greyhound going over the order of events:Erin & Christian danced to Queen's You're My Best Friend. That's one of my favorites!The boys shared some cigars on the veranda at the club:They were even treated to some beautiful fireworks! The nearby Prince William Stadium was hosting a game and Regeti captured this gorgeous image:So the day looks perfect, right? What's this snafu I speak of? The club's air conditioning broke! That's right -- it was approximately 105 degrees outside and there was no A/C. The room was stifling and nearly unbearable. They called two separate repair companies and still by the end of the night it hadn't been fixed. Unfortunately it was about the same temperature outside otherwise we would've opened all the doors for a breeze. Instead, the club invested in some fans at Home Depot:
All in all, Erin & Christian had a wonderful wedding day despite the heat and humidity. Unfortunately things happen that are beyond our control and we have to make the best of the situation. In this case, the bride and groom held their heads high, kept their smiling faces on, and were able to enjoy the day.

Congratulations, you two! I hope you have a fantastic time on the 'moon!



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