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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Look what I got!

Last week I received a fun envelope in my mailbox. It's a great day when the mailman provides something other than the ShopWise circular and an ad from Comcast. Couture Maps sent me an adorable letterpressed sample! Stephannie Barba is the artist out of San Francisco who comes up with these adorable maps. I think their return address is the cutest. I could just eat up that little crab:The sample map is of the Seychelles. I wish I could show you how thick and dreamy the paper is. The letterpress just sinks right into it and creates deep ridges:I was so impressed by the attention to detail. Look at the stamp they used!Couture Maps will draw a wedding map for any location worldwide! I blogged about them last summer -- their designs just keep getting cuter and cuter. If you're on the market for invitations or other paper goods, Stephannie creates those too!



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