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Monday, October 29, 2007

Venue Spotlight: Sheraton Reston

This week I had the opportunity to attend an open house at the newly renovated Sheraton in Reston, VA! They spent a couple million dollars on this project and their hard work really paid off. Sorry for the photo was dark...hopefully you get the idea!

The grand ballroom seats about 275 with a dance floor for a wedding:
They had a great martini bar. Look closely down in front...there are two bottles inside an ice sculpture with lemons in the ice:There was a Japanese station with sushi:And a Starbucks station with all the fixins:
This guy was grilling at the Mediterranean station and it smelled SO good:
I naturally indulged in the mashed potato bar:And the dessert buffet:
We toured the guest rooms:
They are now building a sister property, a Westin, right across the parking lot! It'll be open in May, 2008. While it won't have a lot of banquet space for wedding receptions, it'll be perfect for guest room blocks. The best part is that they'll operate through the same sales office so you only have to work with one sales person!



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