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Friday, September 28, 2007

New Toy

I have a new baby! No, not a real baby (are you kidding?)

Last night I did a little impulse shopping and picked up a little Nikon camera! I can't take a picture of it (::duh::) but here's the idea:It's so cute and perky looking. I know it's not the best camera out there (my husband has an SLR I steal occasionally) but it was pretty cheap and will fit in my suit pocket when I toodle around at weddings.

This weekend is going to be crazy for me -- I have a wedding on Saturday that I've planned in 3 months! We have a million moving pieces as usual and my brain's a little fried. Plus this is one of the first weddings the venue has ever done! I'll try to take photos as I go so you can see what the daily life of a wedding planner is like.

Stay tuned!



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