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Monday, October 15, 2007

Blog Action Day!

Today is Blog Action Day! We're so honored to be participating in this event, which is bringing together bloggers all over the world to write about the environment in any capacity. Since Vicky over at Event Accomplished sent me some photos of her beautiful chuppah, I figured I'd write about the sticks we recycled from the bridal show!

Here's the original use of these beautiful sticks, from IKEA:And after a hand-off at a sketch gas station, Vicky was able to use these sticks for a completely different purpose:There are so many items used in weddings that can be repurposed. See if your florist rents their vases, instead of buying new ones for each event. Your decorations can even be recycled too, if you find another bride who has similar style and has her wedding before yours. Three good places to look are the local message boards on, the classified section at, and the bride community at Don't forget to re-list your wedding decorations after your celebration, too!

What other wedding items can you think of that could be recycled?



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