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Thursday, February 01, 2007

Free Boudoir Photos from Regeti's Photography!

If you haven't heard of Regeti's boudoir sessions, check it out! The fabulous Amy & Srinu Regeti of Regeti's Photography take tasteful personal portraits of brides, newlyweds, and anyone else who wants to feel a little bit sexy. ::think Victoria's Secret ad::

We are offering 3 FREE boudoir sessions to 3 eligible young ladies! This is not about being perfect or having the look that we hear so many of our girls often speak of not having, rather it is having the attitude that you love yourself just as you are. Allowing the Regeti’s to show that this isn’t about being a model or perfect, but being an average girl allowing us the professionals to bring out your personality in the images. Three uniquely different clients with uniquely different personalities behind the same camera with the same shooters! Each girl will receive 3 hours of our time starting at 10am up through 6pm, FREE make-up and hair by professional local stylist (Victoria Stiles, Beautiful by Victoria) and an RP Custom Box with 12 of your favorite images matted and placed into a keepsake box with one line of personal imprint for your significant other!

They'll be collecting applications through February 10th then contacting the winners on February 14th (aw...). The session will take place on April 1st. Visit the Regeti's Blog to read the rules and apply!

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