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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Free Chocolate!

As you may know, Soiree owns a chocolate fountain and rents it out for parties. We use a fantastic imported Belgian Callebaut chocolate, which is simply to die for. We recently had a request from a long-distance bride who wanted to try the chocolate before booking, so we opened bags of white, milk, and dark fondue chocolate chips and sent her some samples.

We have free chocolate to give away! Since this chocolate won't stay fresh forever in an open bag, we'd love to share it with our clients, friends, and fans. If you email us your mailing address, we'll send you a sample of chocolate! Make sure you tell us what flavor you'd prefer -- we love the dark but the milk and white are also delicious.

We're hoping to get all 6 pounds cleared out in the next day or two. There's no obligation or sneaky strings attached, so don't be shy!



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