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Sunday, March 18, 2007

Free Wedding Maps!

Many couples choose to give their out-of-town guests some directions to the wedding ceremony and reception to make life a little easier. Some couples even go as far as drawing a custom map, outlining where each event will take place in relation to the other wedding locations (ie: hotel, rehearsal dinner, Sunday brunch, etc).

If you're not artsy (like me) and don't want to pay a designer hefty fees to draw you a custom map (like most people), then check out Wedding Mapper! The fun program lets you drag & drop little icons, write descriptions of what they are, then share it online or print it out. The best part? It's FREE! If you want to remove the advertisements for a nice presentation, it'll cost $9.95...but still a lot less expensive than a designer and lot more professional than your own sketches.

For some more geeky blog fun, check out their Wedding Mapper Blog!

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  • Site Update-
    We just wanted to let you know that we added FREE Do-It-Yourself Wedding Map Guides to our website. We have noticed that a lot of brides are searching for easy, free DIY wedding map instructions for their invitations and hotel gift bags.

    Check them out -


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  • Good post.

    By Anonymous Kannan, at 22/10/10 2:33 AM  

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