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Saturday, February 16, 2008

A Note on Contracts

Contracts are important.

They create the boundaries and rules of the game between vendors and clients. They also dictate the relationship by describing how services will be performed and how they will be compensated. Before signing any contract, please read all the fine print and ask questions if you don't understand something. Many vendors have very specific terms and are able to release themselves from the agreement if you don't follow the rules.

My friend Sara at Bella Notte recently told me about a Channel 7 On Your Side news clip which featured a bride and her disappearing wedding planner. The story is a little muddy but we must assume that both sides failed to follow the terms they agreed to. This left a very upset bride without a planner only weeks before her wedding. While it's sad story, the bride may have been able to protect herself better.
Regardless of a vendor's glowing referrals and friendly demeanor, do yourself a favor and read through the contract before you sign it. Mark payment due dates on a calendar and keep in touch with your vendors. Be sure to ask for a countersigned copy and a receipt for your payment as well. If things do end up going sour, you'll at least have a legal document and some evidence to help recoup some of the cost.

Disclaimer: Most of the wedding vendors in the Washington, DC area are fantastic and we love them to pieces. This is not meant to frighten you....just to make you aware that there are some bad apples out there. Why not take a few extra minutes to protect yourself?



  • Great post and great advice & information Laura! Contracts can really take the guesswork out of the agreements & expectations. Thanks for sharing :)

    By Blogger Armin de Fiesta, at 16/2/08 10:07 PM  

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