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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Telliegrams Contest

Weddings by Socialites is offering a great contest for free stuff! What's the prize? A $100 gift certificate to Telliegrams, quite possibly one of the trendiest & cutest favor packaging companies out there. Check out some of their cute favor ideas:You just need to check out the Telliegrams site and then tell Kelly what your favorite item is. Simple, right? Even if you don't get the grand prize there's also a promotion code for 10% off of any order. Everybody wins!

If you already have your favors, they have some other fun things too. How about clear paint buckets to hold goodies for out-of-town guests? Or mini 'brag book' photo albums? Or ribbon? You can even use your gift certificate to buy smaller-denomination certificates and give them to friends as a great engagement gift, shower gift, or even baby gift.



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